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Outdoor Leadership & Education

Fuel your sense of adventure with a career that allows the great outdoors to be your “office.”

Our graduates can find frontline and leadership positions in outdoor education and/or adventure centers; guiding/outfitting companies; not-for-profit and private camps; resorts, spas and wellness centers; state and national parks; campus recreation; therapeutic programs; youth development programs; public and private education; and traditional municipal recreation organizations.

What Our Program Offers You

What our students learn/Skills you will acquire

Shenandoah University’s Outdoor Leadership and Education program will provide you with a foundation in the skills, abilities and knowledge required to incorporate outdoor and adventure programming into the regular scope of professional work. Grounded in the foundation of experiential learning, our program includes outdoor education, adventure education, outdoor recreation and environmental education concepts.

You will examine and explore pedagogy, philosophical theory and technical skill development, which are cultivated through experiential and authentic learning opportunities in leadership, group development, and field/service-based experiences.

Through direct experience with members of the learning community, including peers, faculty and community members; and immersion in the natural and cultural setting in which outdoor leaders and educators operate, you will develop into an ethical, compassionate citizen committed to making responsible contributions within the community, nation and world in which you live.

What kind of issues/problems does this major prepare you to solve?

Our program enables you to work effectively with one another in terms of group development, create a foundation and be efficient and successful leaders.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Shenandoah’s program provides abundant field experiences such as internships, giving you hands-on training to complement a curriculum built upon traditional Outdoor Leadership programs. With expansive learning techniques that take you beyond technical skills, you’ll interact with a variety of populations and experience rich, well-rounded learning.


Dr. T. Grant Lewis

Assistant Professor of Outdoor Leadership & Education
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