Top 10 Reasons to Choose SU for Psychology

Students examining the brain structures in class.

  1. Our small student-to-faculty ratio allows for close, mentoring student-faculty relationships and a personalized education.
  2. Our program offers students a comprehensive education that provides a solid grounding in and understanding of psychology.
  3. Our classes seek to bring the material to life by encouraging students to personalize knowledge by making the material relevant to their own experiences.
  4. Our students can earn course credit for real-world experiences in professional settings like a rehabilitative center for neurological disorders and residential treatment for children with autism.
  5. Our students can work alongside faculty members on research projects. This unique opportunity allows students to be involved in the entire process of conducting a research project and has the potential to lead to presentation of findings in a professional forum.
  6. The Psychology Club offers students a chance to explore areas of psychology outside the classroom. Meetings generally include guest speakers, volunteer work in the community, and a chance for students to interact with SU alumni.
  7. SU is proud to have an active chapter of Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology. The chapter recognizes outstanding psychology majors and minors.
  8. Our faculty is dedicated to assisting students inside and outside the classroom. They maintain an open-door policy to advise students on major requirements, course work and career planning.
  9. The variety of courses and flexibility of the program allow students to tailor their studies to their personal interests and goals; with various classes and practical experiences, many different paths are possible.
  10. An active campus gives students a well-rounded college experience. Students can take advantage of many different opportunities, including student organizations, world-class conservatory performances and international travel.