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Mathematical Sciences

A degree in math + a strong liberal arts education = employable.

The mathematics major is a 39-credit program that provides students with the experience and background necessary to continue their studies at the graduate level, or to pursue a diverse range of occupations in the field of mathematics. This program is eligible for teacher licensure.

The Mathematics program at Shenandoah is designed to offer you a fundamental background in mathematics within a strong liberal arts environment.

What Our Program Offers You

You will learn:

  • basic and advanced mathematical principles
  • to acquire logic and problem-solving skills
  • critical thinking skills
  • to think logically and analytically
  • to be creative
  • to apply mathematical concepts in everyday life 

What kind of issues/problems does this major prepare you to solve?

A mathematics major prepares you for a position in business, government, industry or teaching (where there is growing demand at all levels), but virtually any professional career today utilizes some form of mathematics to perform the necessary work. You will find these jobs much easier not because you were trained to solve complicated equations, but because you can adapt to many different styles of mathematics after being taught to think abstractly and analytically.

What makes our program unique?

  • Our program is flexible, engaging, challenging and personalized.
  • You will benefit from low teacher/student ratios and personalized attention.
  • You will have opportunities for interdisciplinary undergraduate learning and research.

Earning Potential

Jobs with median pay (as of 2010 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Cost estimator: $57,860

Actuary: $87,650

Surveyor: $54,880

Operations research analyst: $70,960

Engineer: $87,000

High school teacher: $53,230

Statistician (post-graduate school): $72,830

Customize Your Program

Bachelor of Science In Mathematics


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Assistant Professor of Mathematics
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Assistant Professor of Mathematics
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