Mass Communications

The mass communication major is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare students for the communication challenges of the 21st century. All majors complete a common core of courses in media history, theory, writing, research, law and ethics. Students can then select from an array of elective courses in the areas of journalism, digital media, public relations, and media studies to cultivate their individual talents and professional objectives. All students in the program are required to complete at least one campus or field internship. 

What Our Program Offers You

What our students learn/Skills you will acquire

Mass communication majors learn marketable skills such as presentational and public speaking, news writing and reporting, video production and editing, public relations writing and research, digital graphics and design, among others. SU alumni are employed in the fields of newspaper reporting, radio operations, television sports reporting, university public relations, arts and non-profit management, museum operations and network television news.The curriculum also provides students with a solid foundation for acceptance into graduate programs in mass communication, journalism, education or political science.