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English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language program at Shenandoah University is designed to prepare ESL students to succeed in their academic coursework and ultimately to graduate with their chosen degree.

We are not an English language school. Instead students are expected to arrive at SU with enough English ability to be able to move into their full-time degree program as quickly as possible. All ESL classes are for credit and can count as open electives in any program.

Because we are training students to be successful in their academic coursework, we stress writing, researching, reading and discussing literature, and public speaking – all of which are required in classes university-wide. As a result, in-class participation is essential and assignments are rigorous. The goal of the ESL program is that students who exit it will possess English abilities that are equal to the demands of any other course at Shenandoah University.

Shenandoah’s ESL program, housed in the Academic Enrichment Center (Howe 204), is dedicated to helping English language students gain the skills needed to succeed at the University level. They meet students from all over the world and share ideas and cultures as they learn English.

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